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On 2014 we established our dream project of Samridhi Pharmacare, with the sole motive of evolving a segment that is the pediatric segment which is the steppingstone of a healthy life. Extensive research and studies revealed that DHA is the key to unlocking the complexities of the brain for healthy and normal growth of neonates, thus fighting effectively the cause of ADHD and learning disabilities in children by preventing it from occurring right from the start. We stressed on the use of sorbitol-based products which although increases our production cost but effectively combating the ill effects of saturated sugar. Sorbitol-based products are approved by USFDA and we stick to the basic principle of prevention is better that cure, so that the neonates and children get a chance of prophylactic care rather that diagnosed aftercare. Possibly the first of its kind, our new improved formulations have an edge over others, thus giving a chance to the children and neonates by preventing probable diseases and disorders.
During this pandemic maintaining good immunity is the utmost priority, so keeping that in mind we have also introduced immunity-boosting ancient formulations as we believe that the right nutrition at the right time play a vital role in combatting numerous diseases preventing it from occurring at all in growing neonates and children so they can fight against any disease, disorders and any virus effectively. Kindly go through our vision and organizational values to get an elaborate picture of our company’s motive and mission of a disease-free kid’s world.

Organizational Values


Motto of a disease free healthy childhood

Moms Desk has been started by Samridhi Pharmacare Private Limited which deals in innovations in pediatric segments believing that prevention is better than cure, with one and only motto of a disease free healthy childhood and keeping that in mind for the challenges a mother faces we help her out regarding any information about vaccination programs and its uses, food supplement, diet plans ,social skill ,ill effects of excess screen time, proper growth ,brain development, immunity building etc.


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Awareness makes a great difference; awareness can save you from making
wrong choices as far as your health is concerned. Here we publish blog of the
professional practicing doctors in our popular moms desk section with so
much information about nutrition and child care, and also ease any doubts
on your parenting journey by helping you overcome hurdles in taking the

right decision for your kid.


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