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Talented teams,

Performance-based compensation
The success of Samridhi Pharmacare depends on the performance and dedication of our Group, company associates. We strive to be an employer of choice that attracts, retains and motivates talented and performance-driven people in our affiliates
around the world.
Each associate is given a fixed salary based on job characteristics, market competitiveness, and the associate’s skills. Salary growth depends on the associate’s individual performance and level compared to the benchmark. We employ people with the knack of understanding what the consumer needs and act accordingly for satisfactory results hence increasing all round productivity benefitting both the customer and the company. Appraisals are the best format to gauge the involvement of the employee and our timely appraisals motivate us to meet necessary expectations and make necessary changes if any. We encourage self development and personal growth to be better and more professionally mature that before by giving a futuristic, opportunistic and competitively striving environment.
HR Head

Samridhi Pharmacare Private Limited
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