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Motherhood is a very challenging and the most difficult on the job learning for women, with a million questions running through their minds about do,s and don’ts. So we introduced this concept to enlighten all mothers and provide an answer to their questions to understand and do what is best for their kids. Moms Desk has been started by Samridhi Pharmacare Private Limited which deals in innovations in pediatric segments believing that prevention is better than cure, with one and only motto of a disease free healthy childhood and keeping that in mind for the challenges a mother faces we help her out regarding any information about vaccination programs and its uses, food supplement, diet plans ,social skill ,ill effects of excess screen time, proper growth ,brain development, immunity building etc.
We have designed a vaccination card with all the IAP guidelines for which you can place a request to us anytime, which has total information about vitamin A nine doses schedule. Earlier vitamin A was not available in the domestic market but now we are the only company who is providing full nine doses of vitamin A from six months to 5 years which prevents vitamin A deficiency.
We coordinate with prestigious panel of pediatric doctors who keep giving us useful information which we keep uploading on our social media pages and if there is any specific question regarding our product or vaccine it would be answered by them through us.

As you already know that 80% of brain development is developed during the 2 year period, it is crucial to provide your kids with necessary nutrition’s specially omega 3 fatty acids which may not be acquired sufficiently from normal food so a supplement is recommended. You may also discuss this with your doctor for more information. Due to this deficiency there may be chances of developing ADHD which is a disorder so updating your knowledge about the essential nutrition’s fro a growing child through our doctors panel is our moral responsibility.
Hoping to satisfy your curious minds and answer your questions. We would be happy to help.

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