We Samridhi Pharmacare Private Limited as a company started in 2014 with the introduction of SAM-DHA Drops containing Vegan DHA 100mg/ml with sorbitol base for 1st time in India and due to low Intake of DHA in Indian Neonates we are consistently working and creating awareness against ADHD and preventing Neonates from ADHD
which is now around more than 12 % ,gaining momentum consistently by launching new and improved formulations such as sorbitol based products possibly the first of its kind in India, approved by USFDA. We stick to the basic principle of prevention is better than cure so that the neonates and children get a chance of prophylactic care rather than diagnosed aftercare. Due to that we have launched many formulations which can prevent neonates and children from probable diseases and disorders.
During this pandemic we have also noticed that people are concerned about their immunity, for which we have already introduced many formulations which is nutrition rich and boosts immunity like Colostrum & vitamin C.
Further innovating new formulations: Lukvit A Drops, Samiron Sprinkle, Colsmom Powder/Chewable Tablets, Neo-hmf Sachets, Neo-MCT Oil, Vitamin C (Chewable Tablets/Drops) .

To protect people from COVID-19 We have launched Our NEO-WASH Hand sanitizers (Isopropyl Alcohol 70 % + Chlorhexidine Rubbing Solutions) 100 ml/500 ml and also launched our FACESHILED for the community. In a journey of more than 6 years moving towards our vision of becoming the most preferred organization in the pediatric segment, we introduced 30 pediatric products and we are an ardent promoter of the make in India campaign.
We are very particular about
environmental friendly practices and minimized the use of plastic by replacing plastic bottles with glass ones and we have used more that 2 billion bottle of glass instead of plastic bottles .We will gradually increase the use of glass bottles in the coming future and completely shut the use of plastic.

As a social corporate responsibility we have always looked favorably upon our employees. We have extended our full support to our colleges during the covid-19 pandemic and no one has left the organization, because we believe in working as a family and hope to grow
with harmony with overall development and good work ethics.

Organizational Values


Motto of a disease A free healthy childhood.

Moms Desk has been started by Samridhi Pharmacare Private Limited which deals in innovations in pediatric segments believing in prevention is better than curekeeping in mind the challenges of a mother, we have designed a help desk to reach out and educate them about the importance of vaccination and its uses, food supplement, diet plans, social skill, ill effects of excess screen time, proper growth, brain development, immunity building etc.